Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation (HCAF) is a registered NGO indigenous to Niger State, Nigeria.

Since 2004, it has been in the vanguard of promoting teen arts in young people across Nigeria. The Foundation, whose national headquarters is in Minna, along David Mark Road, Maitumbi, has branches in about twenty States in Nigeria.

HCAF, through her mentoring facilities at the national headquarters, has been promoting Creative Writing, Photography, ICT, Innovation, Songs, Cultural Activities, Painting, Drama, Spoken Word, Short Videos, Citizen and Leadership Education, Reading, Festivals, Prizes, Tuition Scholarships in teenagers and youth in Nigeria.

Our Art Centre, within the headquarters, is home to teen and young artists in the country. The Art Centre is the first and only of its kind in Nigeria, exclusively dedicated to this all-important group of artists, in society. In addition to these, we are the publishers of two exclusive online journals for reviewing and interviewing writers around the world (www.literaturevoices.com.ng and www.nigeriareview.com.ng)

In April 2017, the Foundation inaugurated the maiden edition of the Nigerian Festival of Teen Authors (NIFESTEENA)

HCAF is the organiser of HIASFEST, the largest teen arts festival in Africa; the Niger State Photography Contest; Annual Painting and Photography Exhibitions; and the largest producer of published teen authors in Nigeria.

Our activities are embedded in the free, liberal but disciplined atmosphere at the Art Centre, with members bound by a simple philosophy of ‘training for life’ as the guiding verse. The idea is to encourage critical thinking, enterprise, unlimited flow of creativity, service and togetherness, as tools for the growth and prosperity of society.

Our National Headquarters which doubles as the mentoring centre is currently being developed into a national monument of art. It is a beautiful, cool and inspiring arena for young creative minds to develop their artistic potential. Members are obsessed with its presence and are very proud of it. The Centre is well-ventilated and lighted to cast brilliance and glow from the alluring colours on the walls. The inscriptions and works of art on the walls that first greet you with abundant aesthetics show the glamorous nature and the glowing spirit of the minds you find there,  happy for creation.

The summary of the Foundation’s activities focuses primarily on mentoring teen and young artists for quality productions and responsible citizenship.