How Niger is producing teenage authors

HE Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation in Minna, Niger State, has, over time, sought to make an intentional departure from writing literature for children to produce literature written by children themselves. The Hill-Top Arts Centre, situated at the Hilltop Model School, Minna, Niger State, serves as a haven for mentoring prospecting teen authors on their selective genre. Thus, it is here that the journey to be published begins. This has been going on since 1997.

The general philosophy is mentoring in every aspect of a child’s stay at the art centre, which is induced with participatory activism in the process of their getting published. Therefore, the highly interactive sessions between the mentor and the mentee do not end with the face-to-face sessions or online mentoring, as well as attending literary events around the country, but mentees are regularly involved in the process of book production at the press. So, the teen author whose book is being published gets a wholesome knowledge not just about writing, but publishing. This is the 21st-century writer, the Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation is producing at her mentoring facility in Minna.

The authors bring their scripts to the center and are featured in a monthly Teen Authors Flash, a session that features a mentor (volunteers who have already published writers) and a mentee (the teen author who has completed his/her script) and other members of the centre for a critique session. It is a teen author guest writer session. The script is then subjected to a very rigorous and intellectual discourse by members of the panel and audience. The script is further shared amongst themselves for further criticisms until the mentor certifies the book ready for publication. Read More